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 Farm Mud Run Volunteers Needed

 Veterans Art and Farm Therapy charity is planning a Farm Mud Run fundraising festival held on April 29, 2020. The 5k Farm Mud Run consists of an afternoon of fun for families including a petting zoo, pony rides, vendors, raffles, music and of course, lots of running in the mud.
Help needed in the following areas:
  • Blogger

  • Cooperate sponsor solicitor

  • Construction crew teams

  • Marketing organizer

  • Course layout volunteers

  • Obstacle guides 

  • Refreshment helpers

  • Pony Ride helper

  • Petting park helper

  • Parking attendant

  • Registration helpers

  • Police and Fire Department Liaison

  • Raffle spokesperson

Come Build Hobbit 'Cob' Cottage

 Ever wanted to participate in creating and engineering a unique house?  Here is your opportunity to put your creative energy to use. We provide Clay, Sand, Straw and you provide innovation to make naturally hardened cottages for campers during the summer. The techniques uses "cob" which comes from British Isles 15th century building material. Many of these buildings are still standing today and waves of “cob” created homes are in Washington, Florida, Mid-West and now Virginia.
Where:  Veterans Art and Farm Therapy Program is a new charity founded by owner of Stargazer Stables. We are relocating our facility to Suffolk, VA and inviting you to come join us making awesome weekend camp cottages for veterans and other campers.  Dates: June 25-26, July 2-3, July 7-9, August 6-7 and September 10-11, 16-17.  Get a group and we will make a date or come join other groups and have some fun.

Barn Construction & Fence Building

  Are you handy with your hands and want to help others? Have you never built anything outdoors? Either way, we can put you on a team of other volunteers and make it work.  We are building several new horse barns and horse pastures in Suffolk for veterans and their families to enjoy. Call or send us an email and see how you can help.

Land Clearing

 70 acres is a lot of land for Stargazer Stables and Veteran Art and Farm Therapy to enjoy. 30 acres is wooded and will provide miles of walking, hiking and riding paths. 10 of those wooded acres is being cleared this summer to make room for new barns, a lake, and and a parking lot.  If you have a chainsaw come our way.
 Check out our hard working volunteers on the right.

 Many organizations and Businesses allow employees to take time off to volunteer at charities.

If you like being outdoors, this chariety guarentees that the volunteers have as much fun as the participates!

 Jim Harrell, Rob Crawshaw, TJ Murphy, Emilio Edwards, Daniel Allen (director), Denny Dobbins (director), Megan and Damian Ray came out with Sonya Barnes (director) July 2, to start the land clearing project and install a new driveway. 

Here are a few organizations that gives employees time off to volunteer on a farm and help veterans


Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Air Force

BEA Systems, Instant Systems,

Target,    Timberland, Petsmart

Dominion Power

Wells Fargo,  Towne Bank, U.S.Bank

Home Depot, Lowes

Verison,  ExxonMobil,

Aetna, Outerwall (Coinstar/Redbox

Allstate,  RealNetwork

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